IOS Workover Rigs

SOLD Ideco H35

Location: North America
Condition: Not Specified
Price: C/S
c/wv42x10 DWorks
Free standing single
Recent level 4

Carrier: Ideco
Rig Model: Rambler H35
Carrier Model: PIR3085
Carrier Front Axles: (2) Single Front axles
Carrier Rear Axles: (2) Dual Tandem Rear axles
Tire Size: 425/65R22.5

Drawworks Detail

Manufacturer: Ideco
Model: H35 KDC Hydra Hoist
S/N: AL665
Type: Double Drum
Main Drum: Lebus Groved for 1" Wireline
Sandline Drum: 2400 metres 9/16 sandline
Engine: 8V71
Tranny: Allison 5860
Traveling Block: 75 ton Mckissick
Mast: 72 foot stiff

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